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SF Giants Opening Day Journal: Part I

1:09: Nice to see Randy Johnson has gone back to the mullet. Like Doug Flutie, Johnson should never go away from the Tennessee Waterfall…

1:11: Did Matt Cain and Jon Miller go on the same diet during the offseason? It’s like when we all saw Peter King after he got his stomach stapled. OK, maybe not that severe, but it’s always weird seeing people for the first time in a few months after they’ve lost a decent amount of weight. Like every time I saw Seth Rogen plugging his new movie this week.

1:13: You know who didn’t go on a diet? Pablo Sandoval.

1:15: Taylor Hicks singing the Star Spangled Banner? Is Huey Lewis somewhere touring or something?

1:26: Throwing the first pitch: Charles “Sully” Sullenberger, owner of the first successful “Splash Hit” in an airplane. They should have landed a plane into McCovey Cove to commemorate Sully’s efforts.

1:29: First pitch from Tim Lincecum: Ball, high. Anybody who woke up in San Francisco today has to be surprised this game is starting (almost) on time.

1:30: Lincecum walks Rickie Weeks to lead off the game. Somebody’s a little jacked up over Opening Day.

1:31: Really weird play, where Lincecum deflects a grounder to second base, Edgar Renteria picks up the ball, tags second and gets tripped by Weeks. The ball goes flying while Renteria falls on his face. I have to say I’m a little worried about somebody getting hurt today, especially in the outfield after all that rain this morning.

1:34: Lincecum hits Ryan Braun in the back with a changeup. Is Lincecum pitching or did 2K9 virtual Lincecum take his place?

1:36: Does Prince Fielder have a tic-tac-toe game tattooed on his neck?

1:37: Actually, it’s “Prince” in Korean. That last comment made me look about as good as Fielder did striking out on that high and outside fastball.

1:38: Wild pitch, runners move to second and third. Dave Flemming has probably already mentioned the pitch-count twice on the radio broadcast.

1:39: Lincecum finally strikes out J.J. Hardy on a curveball. 23 pitches for Lincecum. I’m predicting a Brandon Medders sighting this afternoon.

1:43: Amy G.’s back, and lets us know that four of the Giants’ Opening Day starters are “home grown,” while two years ago only one of the starters was “home grown.” What, no mention of Brian Bocock starting last year? Bocokke!!!

1:47: Fred Lewis had a nice at-bat — he worked an 0-2 count to 3-2, then hit a lazy grounder to short that he EASILY beat out. Hard to believe Eugenio Velez is faster than Lewis right now.

1:49: Sandoval gets hit in the front of his Livan Hernandez-esque jersey (Size 60?), loading the bases. Sandoval’s jersey is like the opposite of what all the Michigan St. Spartans were wearing last night.

1:52: Deeeeeeep triple for Travis Ishikawa! Three runs score and Ishikawa’s stoked. Not as stoked as he’d be if he were hitting in almost any other park in the Majors (where his shot would have been a grand slam), but this year’s already starting about ten times better than last season.

1:55: How many teams has Mike Cameron played for? Eight? (answer: six) Cameron walks on four pitches, which I didn’t think was possible. Timmy needs to settle down since this game has a good chance of getting called after five or six innings when the rains come back.

2:03: RBI double down the line for Jeff Suppan on a hanging slider. Timmy’s nowhere near confident in his fastball right now.

2:05: Weeks with another RBI double on what should have been a single. Who threw that in from center, Aaron Rowand or Ken Dorsey?

2:06: Lincecum strikes out Corey Hart on a curveball on pitch No. 50 through two innings. Flemming is probably catatonic right now.

2:11: With Hall in at third and Burriss on first, Lincecum pulls the bat back and hits a chopper over the third baseman’s head. What a play! Something tells me Timmy’s fastball might be a little more effective next inning.

2:14: Randy Winn immediately hits a sac fly, 4-2 Giants. Maybe small ball CAN work!

2:22: Just showed a shot of Will Clark in the luxury suite wearing a short-sleeve orange button-down the same size as Sandoval’s jersey, then a clip of a rail-thin Clark hitting a homer in the late ’80’s. Man, I feel old.

2:24: Speaking of huge jerseys, Fielder just struck out for the second time. What’s the Korean symbol for “fat vegetarian?”

2:29: A slow chopper to third isn’t even fielded by Pablo Sandoval, let alone picked up in time and thrown to first. Braun scores from third, making it 4-3. Tough play, but the Renteria/Sandoval combo on the left side of the infield won’t win any relay races.

2:30: After watching that replay, it wasn’t Sandoval’s fault. He had to range a full 30 feet to his left because Renteria was playing deep. Still, Lincecum has to be pissed about how the runs have scored today.

2:45: Just back after making a sandwich, and Joe Martinez has already replaced Lincecum. Lincecum’s line: 3 IP, 3 ER, 4 hits, 3 BB, 78 pitches. Hopefully they’re just being cautious and Lincecum isn’t…I’m not even going to say it.

2:47: Lewis just made one of the worst throws I’ve ever seen. About eight feet to the right of the cutoff man (Sandoval), and a run scores. Sloppy game: four hit batters, poor throws from the outfield…is it possible Spring Training actually wasn’t long enough?

2:50: After roughly the eighth straight grounder through the hole, the Brewers are up 5-4. Uggghh, this game is as ugly as today’s weather.

2:53: Double play, and Martinez is out of it. He looked like he was about to cry while walking off the mound. Looks like the Giants may have their Tony Randolph.

2:59: We have an Aaron Rowand sighting! Deep 2-run homer to left on a hanging slider by Suppan. What a crazy game…6-5, Giants.

3:01: Joe Martinez has more patience at the plate than 75% of the position players on the Giants’ roster.

3:04: As the Brewers visit the mound, I noticed that it’s 3:04 and this game hasn’t even gone four full innings yet. Since this game looks to end around 5:00, anybody who drove is probably looking at a two-hour trip back home, minimum.

3:16: Martinez walks Cameron to lead off the fifth, and Cameron immediatly steals second. Fourth SB for the Brewers, who don’t have much respect for either Lincecum’s or Martinez’s moves to the plate or Molina’s arm.

3:19: Nifty move by Sandoval after fielding a grounder, catching Cameron trying to move to third. That was followed by a generous amount of lively encouragement from Sandoval to Martinez. I’m getting really excited about the prospect of watching Sandoval in the Giants’ first on-field brawl this season. Fat Ichiro looks like he’s permanently ready to rumble.

3:35: Well, my server went down and I have to go pick up my girlfriend, who’s trying to get through work with a migraine. Be back soon!

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